Roof Painting

Top-quality Wattyl and Colourtile paints to make your roof look like new

Refresh, restore and protect your roof into the future

Short of replacing your entire roof, there’s no better way of restoring it to its former glory than by giving it a fresh new coat of paint.

Over time, both tiled and tin roofs start to deteriorate. They lose their colour, and their protective coatings perish, becoming brittle and powdery. This makes for a roof that is less durable, more likely to leak, and poorer at insulating your home against the hot Queensland sun.

Painting your roof with Reflecta Coat will ensure it looks great, performs great, and lasts longer, whether it’s old or new.

In addition to our roof painting services, we also paint and re-seal driveways and other structures and surfaces.

The paint we use

At Reflecta Coat, we only use the best, industry-leading paints and coatings.

Tin roofs

  • Any Colorbond colour, from Wattyl (view colour chart)
  • 2 coats
  • 10 year warranty on paint
  • 7 year workmanship warranty

Tile roofs

  • Any Colourtile colour (view colour chart)
  • 3 coats
  • 7 year warranty on paint
  • 7 year workmanship warranty

What your project will involve

Our Roof Painting services include:

  • Initial measure, inspection and quote
  • Pre-painting roof repairs and leak detection
  • Re-bedding, re-capping and with re-pointing with Flexipoint (if necessary)
  • Surface preparation (water-saving pressure cleaning)
  • Total clean-up – no dirt or waste left behind
  • Workmanship guarantee, friendly staff and total peace of mind!

Preparing your roof for painting (cleaning, damage inspection, etc.) is usually the most time-consuming part of the process. Putting the undercoat and surface colours generally only takes a few hours, weather permitting.

Why Choose Reflecta Coat?

Guaranteed workmanship

All roof painting is covered by our 10-year workmanship guarantee, as well as manufacturers’ warranties on paints used.

Fast response and service

We will do everything to ensure you are seen to as quickly and comprehensively as possible, from initial contact to completion of your job.

Total peace of mind

We wash down and clean up everything before we leave, and guarantee that you receive accurate quotes, open communication and consultation with the actual tradesman performing the work, and full control over the choice of colours and coverings you desire.

ENQUIRE or BOOK your roof painting NOW on 0458 472 395!